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Board games the whole family will enjoy. Build wonderful family memories as you discover how challenging farming and construction can be. For all ages, you're never young or to old to have fun!

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THE FARMING GAME®, players harvest crops with the roll of the dice, dodge droughts, uncertain markets and insects. Buy land, cattle, wheel and deal. Always different and always a challenge. Build the best farm in the county. A truly rewarding time that entertains, teaches and is just plain fun. An International award-winning game! Hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Ages 10-Adult.

FARMING GAME KIDS®, helps develop skills in addition, subtraction, counting money, reading simple charts, and that most important lesson in farming, keeping a stiff upper lip when things aren't going just right. For players ages 3-9 with three different playing levels.

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FARMING GAME KIDS®    $23.95   Buy Now

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FARMING GAME CARD VERSION is an adaptation of the International Award Winning board game, The Farming Game. This card game is a fast paced introduction to the world of farming. And along with its portability you will find you can start a farm nearly anywhere you are. Buy your crops, invest in your farm, and hope the market holds up so you can sell your harvest at a profit. Get ready for a fun new farming experience.

THE CONSTRUCTION GAME®, gives players a first hand try at making it big in the world of big equipment and big deals. Bid on jobs, buy dozers, backhoes, excavators, and scrapers, then put them to work. Build slowly or borrow your way to the top! There is no free lunch served at the job site. Be the biggest contractor in the valley. Ages 10-Adult.


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FIX THE FENCE® is a fun and challenging memory game. Players flip cards over to reveal the hidden fencing supplies. Look for matching fence posts or wire cards to help mend a section of downed fence. Find a match and place it on your mat. If you cannot use the card turn it face down and remember its location. If you can't... then the other players will. Watch out for broken fence cards. Be the first player to fill your mat and Fix the Fence®.

RACING 'N RODEO® Try your luck at the Race Track. Ride a Buckin' Bronco. Enter a Barrel Race. Jump obstacles on The Steeple Chase or test your Horse knowledge with Triva. Whichever challenges you choose there will be cash prizes to be won. Work your way up the ranks in the Amateur Circuit with the hopes of earning huge cash prizes on the Professional Circuit. Ages 7 and Up.

FIX THE FENCE®    $10.95   Buy Now RACING 'N RODEO®    $19.95   Buy Now

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HAY IS FOR HORSES® is a fast paced card game that is sure to be an instant classic in any home. This first installment from the Do Your Chores Series® makes players responsible for feeding horses and cleaning their stalls. Do it faster than your neighbor and the horse cards are yours. The player who claims the most cards wins. With Hay is for Horses® doing your chores is always FUN! Ages 6 and Up---2 Players

HAY IS FOR HORSES®    $10.95   Buy Now

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